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French Translation Service - Service de traduction anglais-francais

Looking for a cost-effective and quality-focused translation company? CNX Translation offers French / English translation and localization services.

Focus on quality. Our translators are educated to degree level and have spent significant periods of their life in both French and English speaking countries bringing to their work a deep cultural understanding of both languages. All translations are proofread in-house.

Cost-effective. Being primarly an online business, CNX Translation can save on rental and other costs usually associated with brick and mortar businesses.
CNX Translation is based in Hong Kong which has one of the lowest tax rates in the world and no VAT. Those savings are reflected in our rates without compromising the quality.

With over years of experience in the French translation business and having never once missed a deadline, we feel we can offer you complete peace of mind.

We are sure you won't be disappointed when you request a no obligation quote.

Please feel free to navigate around our site and contact us should you need to utilize our services.

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